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Athletic Equestrian: Riding In College Podcast

Navigating the world of collegiate riding is a mystery to most young rider athletes and their families.  Sally Batton, a collegiate varsity equestrian coach for over 30 years, interviews coaches, organizations and riders for their insight on what it takes to ride on a collegiate equestrian team.  So saddle up and join her as she reveals the inner workings of collegiate equestrian. 

Jun 10, 2022

David Silver is the founder and Executive Director of Detroit Horse Power, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that teaches urban youth valuable life lessons through riding and caring for horses. David grew up as a competitive horseback rider in Westchester, NY and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2012. He moved to Detroit through Teach For America and taught 4th and 5th grade on the west side of Detroit from 2012-14. Now in its seventh year of operations, Detroit Horse Power has brought hundreds of students from the city to partnering horse barns outside Detroit.