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Athletic Equestrian: Riding In College Podcast

Navigating the world of collegiate riding is a mystery to most young rider athletes and their families.  Sally Batton, a collegiate varsity equestrian coach for over 30 years, interviews coaches, organizations and riders for their insight on what it takes to ride on a collegiate equestrian team.  So saddle up and join her as she reveals the inner workings of collegiate equestrian. 

Jul 28, 2021

Kaelyn Kennedy is the owner and creative director of TKEQ The Shop.  Kaelyn is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Canada and started TKEQ when she was only 17.  TKEQ is based in Calgary, Alberta and produces equestrian-inspired graphic tees & pullovers as well as activewear.
Kaelyn takes the listeners through her journey as a young rider athlete and competitor in Canada right up through the founding of her company in 2017.  Listen in to be inspired by this young equestrian entrepreneur.